A free application for biodiversity data managament.


  • Performs taxonomic categorization for main taxonomic ranks 
  • Removes selected taxa from a dataset (i.e.: food contamination from microbiome samples)
  • Merges datasets into one data table which allows for subsequent comparison
  • Output is compatible with Microsoft Excel and Cluster 3.0
  • Taxamat allows for downsampling which might be useful when comparing samples with highly differing total abundancies
  • As a basic convenience feature Taxamat calculates Shannon and Simpson indices as a preliminary result
  • Taxamat is completely free, no strings attached
  • The software runs on any version of Microsoft Windows above XP

To download Taxamat just click on the "DOWNLOAD" button on the right top corner of the page. Taxamat is avialable either as a single executable file or as an installable package. In addition you can also download example test data together with a manual that contains a step-by-step user'guide.

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